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Tribe Tampere is an open community consisting of people dedicated to serve Tampere startup and entrepreneurial ecosystem. Tribe operates as a platform. It means creation of value to organizations and individuals by making it easier for them to connect each other in a meaningful way. One way of saying it is it empowers those who try to help others achieve their dreams.

Pinninkatu 47
Is closed

See you at P6 in October 2020!

Pinninkatu 47
Is closed

See you at P6 in October 2020!

#COVID19 June

From the 1st of June we open P47 premises to work normal hours, Monday to Friday 10 to 18. Meanwhile, we would like to keep our visitors safe. According to the government restrictions,we currently welcome 50 people as the maximum amount of simultaneous present at the co-working space. Here are a few rules that will also help all community members to stay safe and healthy.


We bought sanitizing gels and masks, don’t hesitate to use them! And clean the remotes with the wet wipes we got for you, please.

Wash your hands. Just do it.

No shoes policy is valid as always.

Jackets are under social distancing as well. Please, keep some space between them when hanging.

General health

If you cough or sneeze, please cover your face with a paper tissue or your elbow.

If you feel unwell, please stay home.

If you are in the risk group (astma, lung conditions, etc.), please stay home.


We re-arranged the open space so that the groups are minimum size and separated. Please, do not move the furniture.

Continue avoiding handshakes, you are doing it well already.

Events and meetings of 50+ are currently highly unwelcome. Better go online, thank you.

Use of meeting rooms

Meeting rooms’ reservation is now compulsory, please do not just sit in any empty room.

When booking via our website, please mark in the comments the size of your visiting group.

When leaving the room, take with you your coffee cups and put them into the dishwasher. Open the window to let fresh air in.

For everybody’s safety, we impose the following maximum amount of people in a meeting room:

  • Yellow room - 2 people
  • Black room -7 people
  • Blue room - 8 people
  • Creativity room - 20 people
  • Stage area (for events/meetings) - 50 people ( with empty rooms, only after preliminary agreement with Caretaker)


You can still use the kitchen to warm up and enjoy your meal. And we still expect you to clean up after yourself.

No open snacks for everyone (crisps, sweets) please. This is not the caring time of sharing.

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